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LEM Products 1 HP Meat Grinder Review

LEM Products #32 1.5HP Grinder
LEM grinders have a reputation for being quality meat grinders and the 1 HP model is no exception. This is a heavy duty meat grinder in every sense of the word as it is heavy in terms of weight as well as being capable of powering through meat and bone in large quantities at a fast speed. Should you wish to do so, it is capable of grinding 550 pounds of meat in as little as one hour, courtesy of its powerful motor. 

The LEM 1 HP meat grinder is all stainless steel and doesn’t use plastic parts in critical areas such as the auger or drive gears. The 100% stainless steel used throughout the grinder is why it is so heavy. It is not a lightweight metal with a shiny coating. The motor is permanently lubricated so that maintenance is not required and a built in circuit breaker has also been included in the design.

This grinder comes with standard cutting plates and sausage stuffing tubes as well as a stainless steel knife. Customers have noted that the LEM meat grinder is more expensive than its competitors however they felt the high quality of the product was definitely worth the extra cost.

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Features of the LEM Products 1 HP Meat Grinder

Design – a heavy duty meat grinder that features a quality build and is ideal for grinding large quantities
Motor - 1.0 HP ensures that powering through meat and bones is achieved quickly and easily
Housing – is made from 100% stainless steel – no plastic or other coatings
Gears – are all made from metal and also have roller bearings
Auger – high quality heavy duty metal with no plastic parts
Handle – a heavy duty handle has been included in the design so that the unit can be carried more easily
Cutting Plates – three are included, being fine, coarse and stuffing – they are made from stainless steel in keeping with the overall quality of the grinder.
Stuffing Tubes – there are three different sizes of these as well - 3/8, 3/4, 1- 1/4 inches so plenty of variety and flexibility can be used for grinding recipes
Size - #22 and weighs almost 64 pounds
Safety – a built in circuit breaker ensures the motor will shut off if and when required
Meat Tray - dimensions are 15.5" x 11" x 3" so you can load it up with large quantities
Included Accessories - a stainless steel knife and a meat stomper


Measures: 20.4 x 17.5 x 20.1 inches
Weighs: 63.9 pounds
Item No: W781
Model: LEM Meat Grinder 22
Manufacturer Site: LEM Products
Warranty: 2 Year Warranty on parts and labor

What’s Great About the LEM Meat Grinder?

  • Sturdy and well built
  • Works very fast
  • No need to cut the meat into small pieces
  • Is an upgrade of the smaller LEM meat grinders
  • Powers through bone and meat
  • Quality is high
  • Is worth the price – even though it is comparatively expensive
  • Quiet, smooth operation
  • Maintenance not required
  • Motor is very powerful
  • Never clogs
  • The upgraded auger prevents the meat from becoming stuck

What’s Not so Great

  • Fairly heavy and requires a good sized space to store it however customers felt this was a good thing

Customer Feedback and Reviews

The LEM Products 1 HP Meat Grinder has received outstanding ratings from customers. Things they like about it include its quiet operation, heavy duty build, large size, powerful motor and lack of required maintenance. They are particularly impressed with the speed of the grinder and appreciate the time they save by using it. To read more about what customers think about the LEM meat grinder, you can read their reviews here.

Purchase Recommendation

The 1 HP LEM Products Meat Grinder is available on Amazon and you can check out the latest price for it here. Customers are universally impressed with this meat grinder and are particularly impressed with the speed at which it operates. Saving prep time is an important part of preparing and processing home ground meats. Customers are happy to pay for the quality of the product and don't mind the heavier weight and larger storage space needed. Based on our experience with the grinder and customer feedback, we are pleased to recommend the 1 HP LEM meat grinder.

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