Weston #8 Butcher Series Meat Grinder Review

Weston #8 meat grinder

Weston Butcher Series

The Weston #8 Butcher series meat grinder is a solid unit ideal for processing wild game, venison, and other meats while doubling as a sausage stuffer. It is powered by a ½ HP motor to ensure fast and efficient processing of large quantities of wild and domestic meat. It is designed to grind between four to six pounds of meat per minute so quickly processing large volumes is exceptional and easy.

The addition of the sausage stuffing funnels makes the Weston meat grinder a great value for the money because you are not restricted to using the ground meat for hamburgers only. You get to choose between three different sizes of sausage, too.

The motor is permanently lubricated for long-term performance and air-cooled, so safe use is assured. As you would expect from a commercial grinder designed for processing large quantities, the hopper is larger than usual to facilitate large-quantity processing.

Features of the Weston #8 Butcher Meat Grinder

Design – a compact commercial meat grinder that doubles as a sausage stuffer

Suitable For – anyone who requires a grinder that is capable of processing large quantities of meat. It is especially useful for hunters and commercial uses.

Motor – is a powerful 1/2-horsepower (375-watt) motor that is permanently lubricated and air-cooled.  Ensures fast, easy grinding.

Grinding Plates – Two grinding plates are provided: coarse (7mm) and medium (4.5mm), these being the sizes that best suit high-volume, high-speed grinding. They are made from quality stainless steel for durability and performance.

Sausage Stuffing Funnels – Three are included: 20mm, 30mm, and 40mm which provides plenty of choice for sausage sizes

Settings – On / Off functions are available, but no speed variations

Grinding Tray – is extra-large and made from stainless steel.  It is also rectangular in shape for easy handling of large quantities of meat.

Patent Pending Head Design – The head design is offset so as to allow maximum meat flow and it also has a locking knob to keep it securely in place

Materials – The grinding gears are all metal to ensure optimal grinding performance

Storage – Attachments can be conveniently stored inside the stomper. The compact design of the unit also facilitates convenient storage on either a countertop for ongoing use or in a cupboard.

Handle – This is of sturdy construction and makes it easier to carry and/or transport if required.

Cleaning – The head can be disassembled for cleaning

Safety Features

Circuit Breaker – This will automatically shut off the motor in the unlikely event that a malfunction or overload should occur. It will prevent damage and subsequent costly repairs

Rubber Feet – This non-slip feature ensures the grinder remains stable and doesn’t move while in use

Specifications for the Weston Meat Grinder

  • Measures:22.5 x 16.3 x 12.6 inches
  • Weighs: 39 pounds
  • Item model number: 09-0801-W
  • Warranty: Five-Year Limited Warranty

What’s Great About this Pro Series Meat Grinder?

  • Quality product and worth the more expensive price
  • Very powerful
  • Works very quickly
  • Ideal for large quantities
  • Easy to put together
  • Doesn’t slow down when used for an extended period
  • Quiet operation
  • Can grind small bones
  • Powerful motor

What’s Not So Great

  • Dismantling the head for cleaning is not always easy

Customer Feedback and Reviews

This grinder from Weston has received quite a number of outstanding reviews from customers. Things we like about the grinder include its sturdy build and quality motor, as well as its quiet operation. We also enjoy the ability to handle large quantities of meat in a short amount of time. We thought that while its price was more expensive than other grinders, it was worth it for the overall quality and performance.

To read about what customers had to say you can read their reviews here.

Our Recommendation

The Weston #8 Butcher Series Meat Grinder is available online and you can check the latest price for it here. Customers who bought this grinder feel it is a value for the money purchase because of its overall quality and performance, and inevitably found the price to be acceptable. Based on my review and Weston meat grinder reviews from customers, we are pleased to recommend it.

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Best Meat Grinders

Happy Buy 1100W Commercial Electric Meat Grinder Review

Happy Buy Commercial Meat Grinder
Happy Buy Commercial Meat Grinder

The Happy Buy 1100W Commercial Electric Meat Grinder is an ideal grinder for anyone who needs to grind large quantities of meat. This includes commercial enterprises as well as home use. Customers who have purchased the unit use it predominantly for grinding deer and elk, being hunters. Even though this usage is confined to only one part of the year, customers prefer this particular grinder because of its heavy duty and fast performance.

Its stainless steel build screams quality and for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with plastic parts, the unit is ideal. The powerful 1 HP motor complements the heavy duty build so that overall, the grinder is not strained or overworked, a frequent reason for customers constantly needing to replace their grinders. The Happy Buy meat grinder is designed and built for high performance and durability.

A fine grinding plate is included with the unit so that you can grind meat for sausages and hamburger rounds, while the blades are capable of cutting through frozen meat pieces as well, for even faster performance. Anyone looking for a grinder that can stand the test of time, as well as perform at speed, yet quietly, the Happy Buy is worthy of a closer look.

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Features of the Happy Buy Commercial Meat Grinder

  • Design – an electric powered commercial meat grinder suitable for industrial and home use
  • Motor – is a powerful 1100 watts (1 HP) to grind through tough meats quickly
  • Materials – is stainless steel making it easy to clean and ensures durability
  • Grinding Speed – is fast and can easily grind through 450lbs of meat in an hour
  • Blade Speed – is also fast and performs at 220 rotations each minute and works to complement the unit’s grinding capacity/speed
  • Grinding Head – is #22 which is ideal for a grinder that is designed for large capacity, heavy duty grinding
  • Grinding Plates – two are provided – course & fine to ensure variations to suit recipe requirements. Hamburger and sausages for example, benefit from use of the fine grinding plate.
  • Feeder Tube – is 2 1/8 inches wide so that fine chopping of meat is not required before grinding as is often the case with smaller grinders.
  • Meat Tray – the loading tray is also stainless steel and provides an ideal place to keep meat pieces at hand, ready for grinding
  • Certifications – the Happy Buy meat grinder is UL and CE certified so customers can be assured of high performance and safety. If used in a business capacity, these certifications ensure health regulation compliance. This is an advantage for those who want to use the grinder in a business capacity.

Included Accessories

  • 1 x 1100 watt commercial meat grinder
  • 1 x Course grinding plate
  • 1 x Fine grinding plate
  • 2 x Replacement blades


Happy Buy Commercial Grinder Dimensions
Happy Buy Commercial Grinder Dimensions

  • Measures: 18 x 10 x 8 inches
  • Weighs: 48 pounds
  • Warranty:

What’s Great about the Happy Buy Meat Grinder

  • Solid and heavy duty grinder
  • Powerful Motor
  • Runs quietly for a commercial grinder
  • Perfect for hunters
  • Easily grinds through tough meat
  • Well made
  • Can grind a complete deer in as little as twenty minutes

What’s Not so Great

  • Will not grind bones
  • Can be tricky to remove the grinding head

Feedback and Review

Customers that left feedback for the Happy Buy 1100W Commercial Electric Meat Grinder left excellent ratings. Things they like about it include its powerful motor and how quickly it can grind through large quantities of meat. They also like the fact that it runs quietly. There was a little concern expressed about the difficulty in removing the grinder head for cleaning, however this did not deter users from praising the grinder. To read about what customers think about the Happy Buy Meat Grinder, you can read all their reviews here.


The Happy Buy Commercial Meat Grinder is available from Amazon and you can check for the latest  price here. Overall, customers love this commercial meat grinder and are universally impressed with its power and performance. Based on customer feedback, we are pleased to recommend it.

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Kitchener Commercial Grade Meat Grinder Review

Kitchener Meat Grinder
Kitchener Meat Grinder

The Kitchener #8 Commercial Grade Electric Stainless Steel Meat Grinder is a great choice for home use. It combines sturdy and durable stainless steel construction with a variety of convenient features for safe, effective operation time after time. The Kitchener meat grinder brings professional quality grinding to the home kitchen at a fraction of the cost of other commercial-grade grinders. The heavy-duty SUS304 stainless steel housing includes a water-proof switch that prevents rusting for exceptional strength and long-lasting durability. The 370W – ½ HP induction motor grinds up to 480 pounds of meat per hour to easily take on large jobs.

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The steel gear-driven mechanism and air-cooled motor provide greater grinding power and quiet operation, while a circuit breaker enhances safety. The stainless steel meat pan is a generous 13” x 9” x 2-3/8” and is designed with an enlarged throat to take on larger volumes of meat in a faster period of time. The large capacity makes the Kitchener grinder ideal for grinding large volumes of meat by restaurants or small meat processing shops. The Kitchener is also a good choice in homes where large quantities of meat are processed regularly.

Why Buy the Kitchener Meat Grinder

The Kitchener grinder includes the features that matter the most when grinding meat at home. The grinder is highly versatile and functional with a stainless steel coarse (3/8″), fine (3/16″) grinding and stuffing plates, four stuffing tubes (3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1-1/8″), stainless steel cutting knife, and solid meat stomper. The grinder works great for making sausage, but buyers also use the home appliance to make raw pet food, ground hamburger, and a lot more.

Who Should Buy This Product?

The simple answer is that anyone who wants the benefits of an affordable commercial-grade meat grinder with many added features should buy the Kitchener. Even beginners who have never used a meat grinder before can enjoy the benefits of a home grinder like the Kitchener grinder. Grinding your meat comes with numerous advantages, including having control over the quality of meat that goes into your food. Many pet owners are turning to meat grinding as an alternative to buying commercial dog food for the health of their pets.

Anyone who appreciates a great value for a home appliance should give the Kitchener #8 a try. It’s a great investment that will pay off in a number of ways.

Kitchener Meat Grinder
Kitchener Meat Grinder

Do It Yourself or Use This Product

Many people still rely on manual meat grinders that fit onto the edge of a table or kitchen counter. These require hand cranking and a lot of energy. For exceptional quality results on a larger scale, the Kitchener meat grinder is a more convenient and practical option. It gives you complete control over the quality of ground meat and the consistency you want from your meat products.

There’s nothing wrong with manually grinding meat when you work on a small scale. If you need to grind a lot of meat, it’s going to take more time to do it by hand than most people have to spare. With the Kitchener, you can do the job to perfection in a fraction of the time. The grinder comes with a 30 day return policy and a 1 year warranty.

What Customers Say about the Product

There’s a lot to love about the Kitchener meat grinder starting with the heavy-duty stainless steel construction. Unlike grinders made with a tin coating or plastic, it has the strength to withstand big jobs for a long time.

We like that the Kitchener grinder is easy to assemble and use without a big learning curve. There’s also an easy-to-follow video to get you started and you can download the user’s manual for additional information. We also like the large capacity meat pan and enlarged throat that allows the grinding of more meat at one time. The patented design of the removable drawer also makes it easy to organize grinder accessories and keep everything handy when you need it.

The stainless steel construction makes the electric grinder easy to clean and it gives a professional appearance that looks nice in any kitchen.

Read Amazon customer reviews

Does the Product have any Minor Downsides?

There are a few minor changes we would like to see changed. For one, the body of the grinder is made from plastic and not stainless steel. This area of the grinder is finished to blend in with the rest of the grinder and it doesn’t impact its strength or durability. All of the working parts are made of stainless steel and deliver heavy-duty performance.

Also the fact that the guard in the tray makes it difficult to feed large pieces of meat into the grinder. This feature prevents over-stuffing the throat and causing it to become blocked. On the flip side, this feature doesn’t get in the way of the grinder’s ability to grind up to 480 pounds of meat in just one hour.

Are Competing Products worth Consideration?

There are lots of choices when it comes to electric meat grinders including those listed below. Making the right choice depends on the buyer, how they will use the appliance, and how much they want to spend.

Betitay Electric Meat Grinder, Stainless Steel, Heavy-duty Food Processing, 3 Grinding Plates, Sausage Making Kit, 1800 Watts, Blade & Kubbe Attachment, Multifunction, ETL Approved, High Power, Low Noise.

STX International, Electric Meat Grinder, #12, Polished Aluminum Grinding Head, 2000 Watt Main Grinding Unit, International Turboforce II, Patented Air Cooling, 6 Grinding Plates, 3 Stainless Steel Cutting Blades, Foot Pedal Control, Set of 3 Kubbe & Sausage Tubes, Kubbe Making Attachment.

Gourmia GMG525 Meat Grinder, 500 Watts, ETL Approved, 1000 Watts, 110/120V, 3 Stainless Steel Grinding Plates in Fine, Normal, and Coarse, Bonus Accessories Kit, Sausage Horn, Free Recipe Book.

The Kitchener Commercial Grade Meat Grinder is a great value and is ideal for small restaurants and home use. We along with customers that have purchased agree that the grinder is high quality and highly functional for a variety of uses. It is easy to use and more affordable than many lower quality grinders available.

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Best Choice Meat Grinder Review

Meat Grinder 2.6HP
2.6HP Meat Grinder

If you are looking for a heavy duty meat grinder, the Best Choice Products Electric 2.6 HP 2000 Watt Industrial Meat Grinder is likely to suit your requirements. This particular electric meat grinder is powerful enough to be used in a supermarket, but is also suitable for home use. When it comes to powerful electric meat grinders, users have found that this particular industrial grinder gets the job done quickly and easily in either a commercial or home setting.

The main feature of this grinder is in relation to its powerful motor which is 2.6 HP. This is a big plus for anyone who appreciates that it is the power behind the grinder that ensures its effective operation and performance. A powerful motor will always get the job done quickly and without strain. This means that grinding large quantities of meat is fully supported which is great news for anyone with a large family, hunters, or indeed, those with commercial intent.

The Best Choice grinder features three speeds and three different sized cutting blades as well as a precision gear drive. The cutting blades are stainless steel while the auger housing, auger and hopper are made from cast aluminum. The grinder is easy to operate and you can stop/start/reset using the electronic controls at any time during operation. The price is very competitive for a grinder of this type.

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Features of the Best Choice Products Industrial Meat Grinder

Design – an electric heavy duty meat grinder suitable for commercial and home use
Motor – is powerful with 2000W peak output equating to 2.6HP at 110V. This means that the grinder is sufficiently powered to quickly and easily grind through large quantities of meat and bone without straining the motor. It also ensures the job is done faster.
Housing – is made from cast aluminum and looks good in both the home and commercial setting
Feeding Hopper – is made from cast aluminum and customers have found that it is larger than hoppers on other electric meat grinders. The larger size ensures that you can conveniently keep feeding the grinder via the hopper as the powerful motor quickly grinds through the meat and bone.
Operating Speed – there are three being high, low, & reverse. This ensures you have sufficient choice to match up with the grinding job you have on hand.
Cutting Blades – fine, medium, coarse blades are included, again to ensure that you have the correct size to allow for a variety of different food project requirements. The cutting blades are made from stainless steel.
Food Pusher – this is included to assist with pushing the meat through to the auger.
Owner’s Manual – is included for your convenience

SpecificationsBest Choice Products Meat Grinder Attachments

Weight: 25 pounds
Motor: 3 speeds
Manufacturer: Best Choice Products
Voltage: 110V/60HZ

What’s Great About the Best Choice Meat Grinder?

  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful meat grinder
  • Inexpensive
  • Works quickly – fast operation saves time
  • Grinds bone easily – great feature if you are making home-made dog food
  • Good sized feed tube is great for working with large quantities of meat

What’s Not So Great

  • Doesn’t come with a sausage stuffer

Customer Feedback and Reviews

The Best Choice Products Meat Grinder is popular because of it’s low price point. Customers give this grinder an excellent rating. Things they like about it include its power, ability to work quickly, easy clean functionality as well as its ability to easily grind through bone. I am impressed with the size of the feed tube and the inexpensive price. Some of the more negative reviews consist of not including a sausage stuffer and having issues under a heavy load. Before you make a purchasing decision be sure to read more about what customers have to say, you can read their reviews here.


The Best Choice Industrial Meat Grinder is available online and you can check for the latest price here. Customers find that the combination of an inexpensive price point together with heavy duty functionality results in a satisfactory user experience. The powerful motor ensures that meat and bone are ground quickly and easily and ultimately, these two benefits that are sought by home and commercial users alike. This is a very “cheap” grinder and the reviews from customers are polarized. You usually get what you pay for. However, if you don’t want to invest a lot of money and want a powerful grinder, this unit may be what you’re looking for. My suggestion is to carefully read all the reviews before making a purchasing decision.

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